We were going to be touching down in NYC about this time.

And then… Delta.

So now we leave at 7:05 am tomorrow morning.  


Unimaginative post.

What would you like to know?

Brooks is currently outside sawing a rawhide bone in half because our dog is a princess and can’t chew it without straining her majestic jaw.  I am inside, watching Alien Encounters (after a long marathon of 16 & Pregnant).  I have not showered or done much else besides make beautiful pancake muffins for breakfast and hot dogs for lunch.  I think I might be what is wrong with America.

I’m currently tapering a medication and between the resurgence of my feminine cycles, this, the Lexapro, and my ability to make anything into a Huge Deal, I feel weird today.  I can tell it’s not real, though.  I can tell underneath the crazy, I’m okay.  Watching Alien Encounters is not helping my sanity at all, though.  Once Brooks finds out I’m watching this, he’s never going to stop watching it because it’s got conspiracy theories and the man loves a conspiracy theory.

These are the pancake muffins, which you can find on The Pioneer Woman’s website in the cooking section under “Breakfast”. She makes them as mini-muffins, but I don’t have one of those pans. I poked a hole in mine and put syrup in there. The muffin soaked it all up and I accidentally made a McGriddle. It was AMAZING.
Brooks got the bright idea to put some of Leeloo’s Blue Buffalo dog food in one since he got one with chocolate chips. Dog food bakes up surprisingly well.
It was a hit, of course.