Braised pear chicken

And smashed potatoes!


Soba stuffed peppers!

Lunch today was… as mistake.  Apparently red onions are unfriendly and egg yolks and I are not buddies right now.  That’s okay.  I don’t mind.  I like both of those foods, but they’re not, you know, CHEESE.  If they tell me I can’t have cheese, peanut butter, or chocolate, I will go ahead and just check myself into a home.

Made with humane turkey, peppers, onions, and soba noodles from Earthfare.

Astounded, I tell you!

We just went for our weekly grocery haul at Earthfare.  I was astounded (hence the title) to see that our grocery bill was LESS than Kroger!

Granted, we didn’t buy all the junk (Little Debbie and Coke, I’m looking at you) we might have in the past, but I feel good knowing how fresh and clean everything will taste.  After watching Food, Inc, we made a family decision that we will only eat humanely-raised meat.  Yes, we’re killing them to eat them and yes, I think animals are a food source, but there is no purpose nor do I think the good Lord intended for chicken farmers to leave chickens rotting and dying in their own excrement because they’re genetically engineered to be too big to stand up.  Same goes for the cows that are so mistreated they can’t walk (so they shock them).  No.  I refuse to be a party to that.

Anyway, we bought meat, veggies, and some snacks that may or may not have appeared on the list.  The cheese counter left me drooling and the freshly made ravioli was kind of amazing.  I was impressed to see you could not only grind your own coffee but also your own peanut butter!  The assortment of bulk grains was impressive and I was sort of warmed to see that my celiacs pals have a place to get good food.  There is an organic or local option for any food you can name and this fits perfectly into our clean eating pledge.  Almost nothing I picked up had ingredients I didn’t recognize and most had less than seven ingredients listed.  The meat and seafood were so fresh!

There are still some things I will buy at Kroger- household items, frozen organics, and medicine.  Leeloo will still eat Blue Buffalo because she loves Life Bits.  However, I will pledge to do as much shopping as I can at Earthfare and buy organic at Kroger.  I will be a proper steward of the Earth as much as I can.

Side note- Earthfare chocolate chip cookies?  To. die. for.


I’m excited about the movie of the same name and I thought it a fitting title for whatever this saga turns out to be with my poor, sad little gallbladder.

I had a HIDA scan last week.  It’s a relatively painless procedure for those without gallstones (that’s me!) and I really felt no discomfort other than the general discomfort of laying on a narrow platform for two hours.

Unfortunately, my gallbladder took forever to respond and received a negative score on emptying.  It’s supposed to be at least 40%… mine was -8.  I’m not sure how something empties negatively, but the nurse (who I love) explained that it means I have gallbladder dyskinesia.  In other words, the muscles aren’t working. They just sit there eating bonbons, reading LHJ and thinking whatever thought lazy gallbladders think.

I have a consult with a surgeon at Parkwest on January 23.  I have a list of questions already ready already.  Ha.

In other news and notes, the clean eating has been going very, very well.  I’ve eaten like royalty this week, cooking every night but last night (we had leftovers).  We’ve had Cioppino, sirloins, roasted tomato flatbreads, and whole wheat macaroni (not cheesy enough- I need a sharper cheese).  I’ve eaten a lot more fruit and veggies than I’ve ever eaten, including a ton of spinach, tomatoes, carrots, apples, and pears.  There’s not much fruit in season right now!  I can’t eat pomegranates until I get this issue resolved, either.  Boo.

Snacking proves not to be a problem, either.  I have discovered LaraBars.  More specifically, I have discovered peanut butter chocolate chip LaraBars.  Deeeeelicious.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a clean snack.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping, huzzah!