A New… Whatever.

New year, same me.  Wouldn’t it be weird if we just had some kind of hard reset every year and got new, tiny personality quirks?  Kind of like The Sims.  No?  Maybe you’re right.  

I have plans for myself.  Don’t we all have plans for ourselves?  Mine are happening all the time.  With my particular mishmash of mental benefits, I constantly want to improve, try something new, do something.  Do something!  DO SOMETHING!  Yeah, it gets to me, too.  I’ve learned to listen to it, though, and not let it get louder than my other thoughts.

So… This year.

Keep reading.  Keep supporting writer husband.  Keep understanding that I’m an acceptable person.

Accept that some people don’t understand me and never will and that’s not my fault.  Especially if they don’t try or think it’d be better if I just acted “normal”.

Fight mental health stigma, even when it’s uncomfortable and makes me angry.  Stop taking people’s ignorance or self-shame personally.  They have their own issues.

Less Facebook, more Twitter.

Take more photos.

Continue practicing archery.

Elimination diet.  Get some gut rest.

Prioritize my time- Soul, Heart, Family, Work.  In that order.  Brooks is the person I love spending time with the most- make it happen every day.

And that’s all I’ve got.  That’s all I need.  No broad goals, just things that I know I need and want for my life.  No complexities or deep realizations.  Just joy in living.




Fanboy Expo 2015

And we’re off.  This year the expo is in the Knoxville Convention Center and I’m looking forward to the larger space.

Heather couldn’t come and Nik is working, so it’s just Brooks, Austin, Nicole, and I.  Austin is on a mission to meet Burt Ward.  The rest of us are Whovians, Buffy, and whatever other geeky thing might appear.

              Austin met his idol.  The rest of us were absolutely stunned by the small space.  Fanboy has always been crowded, but it was absolutely overwhelming this year.  

The cosplay was remarkable and the guests were amazing, but that venue has to be larger.

The last day of BEA15.

Incredibly, this is the last day of BEA15.  I’ve met so many amazing people, done so many fantastic things, and acquired so many lovely books.  

Our flight was delayed three times by Delta and we ended up not boarding until 7:05 am Wednesday.  That’s all pretty normal for flying nowadays, but Wednesday was also the day BEA started AND we had not only a lunch with Brooks’s editor, Wendy Loggia, we also had dinner with Uwe Stender, his agent.  

Somehow, someway, we made it to Park Central Hotel.  A miracle occurred and our room was available early.  We checked in, changed, and walked to Random House.  

Wendy Loggia.  My new girl crush.  She’s so nice, so friendly, so positive, and so put together.  She gave us a tour of the offices and Brooks met his cover art director.  We had lunch at Sarafina (gnocchi-yum) and were off to the Javits Center in one of our many, many Uber rides.  

It’s very hard to describe BEA.  It’s huge.  It’s overwhelming.  Every major and minor and independent publisher is here.  I met Tim Federle.  He is divine.  Read his books.  I saw Julianne Moore from afar.  She is divine.  I ate lunch with Gail Nall.  She is divine and ADORABLE.  Read her books.  There’s a definite pattern.  I’ve filled three free totes with so many free galleys, pins, bookmarks, etc, that I’m packing my carry on full of just books.

I’m sincerely proud of Brooks for being such a talenred, hard working writer.  I’m lucky he likes me enough to bring me along to BEA.  I chose wisely, ladies and gentlemen.  A man who loves books is a treaure.

I need to go use the charging station while Brooks finishes his breakfast with James Patterson and Nathan Lane.

Can I just stay here forever? 


Midweek Movies and More

I am, for no reason that’s reasonable, making my way through the new March releases on Netflix.

I detailed last week’s watch in my last Currentlybut it just wasn’t enough.

I’ve seen two more entries since then- 30 f0r 30: Of Miracles and Men and Across the Great Divide.

30 for 30 is the tale of how America’s hockey victory affected the Soviet hockey program (and, in turn, a lot of other things).  It was moderately interesting, but I don’t watch hockey.  I know the story and I’ve seen some of the movies and docs about it, but the most interesting thing to me was the political influence sports had at the time and the impact that a coaching change had on the Soviet team.

Hey, I did my best.

Across the Great Divide is part Oregon Trail: the Movie and part Apple Dumplin’ Gang.  The dialogue takes some getting used to as not many people are probably accustomed to “saucy pioneer girl” parlance.  Holly, a tough-as-nails twelve year old is traveling to Oregon with her little brother, Jason, to claim their land.  They come across an “Irish” gadabout named Zachariah who somehow hitches his wagon to two kids even though he has excellent survival skills and speaks fluent “Indian”.  A note-  he says he’s Irish two or three times and I think he attemps a brogue once or twice, but it’s a non-issue.  What’s magical about this man, however, is that he can speak to every Native American he meets in their native tongue.

Lots of hijinks ensue.  They see lots of beautiful scenery, hunt for food, deal with Indians, disease, bear attacks, and caulking the wagon to float across the river.

A dog swims with an otter, there’s a falcon, lots of friendly natives, and a bear with serious boundary issues.

Why aren’t you watching this already?


Watching:  1,000 Times Good Night.  It’s on Netflix, so go find it and watch it.  It’s an absolutely gut-wrenching story of an embedded photographer and the choices she has to make as a woman, a mother, and a human being.  The movie attempts to create a balance between the choices she has to make and does a good job of it, but it left me feeling like we never quite got enough of either side- human or humanitarian.  The end left me with a lot of hope that she would learn to blend the two into a complete person.

Reading:  I just finished The Girl on the Train, available on Amazon.com and at all fine booksellers (that felt really suave, saying that).  It was an actual page turner for me- I loved the alternating POV (which comes up a LOT in the author discussions I get to eavesdrop on now) and the way the author uses it to push the story in directions I wasn’t expecting.  It’s everything Gone Girl could have been for me if I hadn’t hated every single character in that particular book.  10/10- Read it.  There’s a panoply of mental health issues and I ended up nervously routing for the character who (I felt) was at least trying to do the least harm.

Thinking About:  My face shape.  Yeah, that’s BRILLIANTLY vain.  It’s just so confusing, once you fall down a beauty rabbit hole.  I plugged my mug into a face analyzer and it pronounced me an 8.1 out of 10, but my face is too long.  Too long for what?

Working On:  Next year’s lesson schedules and this year’s yearbook.  This may explain the long face.  Sorry.   I had to work that joke in somewhere.

Eating/Cooking:  Lots of artichokes.  Trader Joe’s has artichoke and olive stuffed ravioli and it’s savory and mouth-watering.

Looking Forward To:  SPRING BREAK.  HIKING.  And reading a butt-ton* of books.

And we’re off to another week.  Mental health checkup on Friday with the PCP- should be fun.

*A butt-ton is mathematically quite close to an “ass-load” but is used in politer company or when one wants to convey just how Southern they are.