A New… Whatever.

New year, same me.  Wouldn’t it be weird if we just had some kind of hard reset every year and got new, tiny personality quirks?  Kind of like The Sims.  No?  Maybe you’re right.  

I have plans for myself.  Don’t we all have plans for ourselves?  Mine are happening all the time.  With my particular mishmash of mental benefits, I constantly want to improve, try something new, do something.  Do something!  DO SOMETHING!  Yeah, it gets to me, too.  I’ve learned to listen to it, though, and not let it get louder than my other thoughts.

So… This year.

Keep reading.  Keep supporting writer husband.  Keep understanding that I’m an acceptable person.

Accept that some people don’t understand me and never will and that’s not my fault.  Especially if they don’t try or think it’d be better if I just acted “normal”.

Fight mental health stigma, even when it’s uncomfortable and makes me angry.  Stop taking people’s ignorance or self-shame personally.  They have their own issues.

Less Facebook, more Twitter.

Take more photos.

Continue practicing archery.

Elimination diet.  Get some gut rest.

Prioritize my time- Soul, Heart, Family, Work.  In that order.  Brooks is the person I love spending time with the most- make it happen every day.

And that’s all I’ve got.  That’s all I need.  No broad goals, just things that I know I need and want for my life.  No complexities or deep realizations.  Just joy in living.




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