The last day of BEA15.

Incredibly, this is the last day of BEA15.  I’ve met so many amazing people, done so many fantastic things, and acquired so many lovely books.  

Our flight was delayed three times by Delta and we ended up not boarding until 7:05 am Wednesday.  That’s all pretty normal for flying nowadays, but Wednesday was also the day BEA started AND we had not only a lunch with Brooks’s editor, Wendy Loggia, we also had dinner with Uwe Stender, his agent.  

Somehow, someway, we made it to Park Central Hotel.  A miracle occurred and our room was available early.  We checked in, changed, and walked to Random House.  

Wendy Loggia.  My new girl crush.  She’s so nice, so friendly, so positive, and so put together.  She gave us a tour of the offices and Brooks met his cover art director.  We had lunch at Sarafina (gnocchi-yum) and were off to the Javits Center in one of our many, many Uber rides.  

It’s very hard to describe BEA.  It’s huge.  It’s overwhelming.  Every major and minor and independent publisher is here.  I met Tim Federle.  He is divine.  Read his books.  I saw Julianne Moore from afar.  She is divine.  I ate lunch with Gail Nall.  She is divine and ADORABLE.  Read her books.  There’s a definite pattern.  I’ve filled three free totes with so many free galleys, pins, bookmarks, etc, that I’m packing my carry on full of just books.

I’m sincerely proud of Brooks for being such a talenred, hard working writer.  I’m lucky he likes me enough to bring me along to BEA.  I chose wisely, ladies and gentlemen.  A man who loves books is a treaure.

I need to go use the charging station while Brooks finishes his breakfast with James Patterson and Nathan Lane.

Can I just stay here forever? 



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