Midweek Movies and More

I am, for no reason that’s reasonable, making my way through the new March releases on Netflix.

I detailed last week’s watch in my last Currentlybut it just wasn’t enough.

I’ve seen two more entries since then- 30 f0r 30: Of Miracles and Men and Across the Great Divide.

30 for 30 is the tale of how America’s hockey victory affected the Soviet hockey program (and, in turn, a lot of other things).  It was moderately interesting, but I don’t watch hockey.  I know the story and I’ve seen some of the movies and docs about it, but the most interesting thing to me was the political influence sports had at the time and the impact that a coaching change had on the Soviet team.

Hey, I did my best.

Across the Great Divide is part Oregon Trail: the Movie and part Apple Dumplin’ Gang.  The dialogue takes some getting used to as not many people are probably accustomed to “saucy pioneer girl” parlance.  Holly, a tough-as-nails twelve year old is traveling to Oregon with her little brother, Jason, to claim their land.  They come across an “Irish” gadabout named Zachariah who somehow hitches his wagon to two kids even though he has excellent survival skills and speaks fluent “Indian”.  A note-  he says he’s Irish two or three times and I think he attemps a brogue once or twice, but it’s a non-issue.  What’s magical about this man, however, is that he can speak to every Native American he meets in their native tongue.

Lots of hijinks ensue.  They see lots of beautiful scenery, hunt for food, deal with Indians, disease, bear attacks, and caulking the wagon to float across the river.

A dog swims with an otter, there’s a falcon, lots of friendly natives, and a bear with serious boundary issues.

Why aren’t you watching this already?


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