Watching:  1,000 Times Good Night.  It’s on Netflix, so go find it and watch it.  It’s an absolutely gut-wrenching story of an embedded photographer and the choices she has to make as a woman, a mother, and a human being.  The movie attempts to create a balance between the choices she has to make and does a good job of it, but it left me feeling like we never quite got enough of either side- human or humanitarian.  The end left me with a lot of hope that she would learn to blend the two into a complete person.

Reading:  I just finished The Girl on the Train, available on and at all fine booksellers (that felt really suave, saying that).  It was an actual page turner for me- I loved the alternating POV (which comes up a LOT in the author discussions I get to eavesdrop on now) and the way the author uses it to push the story in directions I wasn’t expecting.  It’s everything Gone Girl could have been for me if I hadn’t hated every single character in that particular book.  10/10- Read it.  There’s a panoply of mental health issues and I ended up nervously routing for the character who (I felt) was at least trying to do the least harm.

Thinking About:  My face shape.  Yeah, that’s BRILLIANTLY vain.  It’s just so confusing, once you fall down a beauty rabbit hole.  I plugged my mug into a face analyzer and it pronounced me an 8.1 out of 10, but my face is too long.  Too long for what?

Working On:  Next year’s lesson schedules and this year’s yearbook.  This may explain the long face.  Sorry.   I had to work that joke in somewhere.

Eating/Cooking:  Lots of artichokes.  Trader Joe’s has artichoke and olive stuffed ravioli and it’s savory and mouth-watering.

Looking Forward To:  SPRING BREAK.  HIKING.  And reading a butt-ton* of books.

And we’re off to another week.  Mental health checkup on Friday with the PCP- should be fun.

*A butt-ton is mathematically quite close to an “ass-load” but is used in politer company or when one wants to convey just how Southern they are.


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