Today was a taper day and I’m okay.

Please tell me you sang that title like the lumberjack song.

My appointment today went well.  Dr. C. said about half of his patients end up going to 20 mg of Lexapro, which now includes me.  I’m also gonna take some melatonin.  It’s what the cool kids do.  Also the doctor told me to.

As the title suggests, I feel pretty snappy today.  I slept okay and woke up feeling human and I sang in the car (Eminem if you must know).  The difference between yesterday and today is remarkable.  I have hope that with a little more assistance, I can feel better again.  At the very least, we’re aiming to have more good days than bad days.  Isn’t that what we all hope for, anyway?

Something is going down at the neighbors.  Two police cars, an unmarked car, and an ambulance showed up as I was leaving for my appointment.  Stuff went down.  I’m still not sure what’s going on over there.

The Easiest Exercise in the World was pretty funny yesterday because we were supposed to walk for 25 minutes and I borked using my walking app and we ended up walking for 35.  That plus yoga for the day really made for a good day of exercise that was completely unintentional.

Here, have a look at my doctor’s office.



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