Everywhere the signs.

2014-07-02 20.17.00

Do this, don’t do that?

Today may have been pretty bad, I’ll admit.  It was a Hyperbole and a Half day.

The doctor said to exercise.  He said it would help.  So I made myself go for a walk with my husband.  I feel marginally better.  Being outside is nice at 8:30 PM.  Being with my husband is nice.  Being alive and otherwise healthy is nice.

Seeing this sign didn’t even phase me except for the original feeling of, “OMG, Brooks, look at that!” because I apparently find stop sign graffiti endearing.  I asked him to text me the picture later so I could tweet it.

And then I really looked at it and thought, “Well, maybe I’ll take it personally today.”

Soldier on, self.


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