Plot Not Included

It has been raining every day for the past week or so, which means we’re deep into our Netflix queue.  I’ll get into that in a minute.

The tapering is going pretty well now!  Yesterday was a taper day and I felt great!  This means the Lexapro is working.  Today was another taper day and wasn’t as great energy-wise, but I am absolutely not feeling the sense of abject misery I was feeling before on days like this.  I don’t have that hollow-chested feeling or the feeling that I’m walking through a thick fog of bleh.  Tomorrow is not a taper day.  I go to the doctor on Thursday to make sure I’m not mutating or anything.

I’m restarting yoga from the beginning- sun salutations, here I come!  Yoga is very powerful in my life.  I like the feeling of focused calm it gives me and it’s a powerful tool for the mind and body.  Meditation is up next, but I need to do more research.

The Easiest Workout in the World has me doing 25 push-ups.  That’s not too shabby, right?  Well, it’s the only thing I did, so no gold stars for me or anything.  Maybe a slightly peeled silver star with fingerprint smudges on it.  Ok, no.

Today was on of those summer days that happens by chance because nothing happened.  Brooks worked all day on outlining and writing chapters of his next book.  I spent all day on the Expert Levels of Royal Envoy 3.  Time management games appeal to the OCD patient.  Imagine that.  Delicious dinner of summer vegetables and pasta and then an evening of really bad movies on Netflix to round out the night.

Really bad, you say?  Don’t believe me?

Right now, we’re watching:  Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan.  Go look for it on Netflix.  It’s amazing.

2014-06-30 10.00.37
Brooks made Cuban coffee, so the day started off pretty dandy.
2014-06-30 13.08.49
I spent too much time on the Internet and saw a bunch of people taking pictures of what their hair looks like unbrushed. My result? Pretty much the same, only flippier.
2014-06-30 17.36.18
Gratuitous gluten picture.

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