Well, it hasn’t been boring.

This whole anxiety thing has its ups and downs (literally), but it’s never, ever boring.  

It appears that the tapering is starting to work and the Lexapro is starting to replace the other medication.  I still have weird wake-ups in the middle of the night where I think I’ve heard something and then I leap out of bed, but I’m starting to see glimpses of the other side.

Today is Rest Day on my Laughably Easy Workout Calendar.  That’s pretty hilarious considering yesterday was… 20 calf raises.  They could have meant for me to raise twenty calves to adulthood and I’m just doing this whole thing completely wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m doing alright.

My energy is up!  This is a very good thing.  The garden is looking good and I think we’ll have tomatoes next week.  Cucumbers, too.

I am doing a good job with my Bible study.  A few people have been quite surprised that I am doing this; a lot of them seem to think I am a closet atheist or just a little lost sheep who needs guided toward their Lord.  I know what I believe and it’s personal and I’m very happy with it.  I do want to know what I’m talking about if I talk with someone about the Bible, though, so I’m reading it.  The version I chose also has a lot of really interesting essays in it and daily contemplation.  I do like a good moment of contemplation.  Not to worry, though, I’m still a flaming liberal with a “Ready for Hillary” sticker.  I just happen to have a spiritual life, too.  I’m sharing it as something that is a part of me, not as any kind of evangelism.  I’m a hippy.  Live and let live.



3 thoughts on “Well, it hasn’t been boring.

    • The Authoressista June 27, 2014 / 6:29 pm

      I have been beginning a journey with meditation and I’ve had a holistic practitioner guiding me for about two years. I’ll check out your blog!

      As for my thoughts on Biblical stories… it’s complicated. I was raised on the South, but not by typically religious parents. I have friends from most walks of life, so I dislike exclusion. I’m most interested in being informed and trying to understand where modern Christianity has come from and where it’s headed. I have apocryphal texts to read, too, when I’m finished.

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