Blue Buffalo Dog Food

This is not a sponsored post.  I wouldn’t even know how to go about doing that.

When we started eating “clean”- actually before we started eating clean, we went on the search for a quality dog food for Leeloo.  She’s had two TPLO surgeries at this point, mostly because she’s a large breed and part of that mix is German Shepherd.  We want her to be healthy, of course, but we also want her to eat food that’s right for her age (10), will help her joints as she gets older, and that isn’t full of fillers and weird ingredients.

It took a LONG time.  We tried various brands, but many of the natural brands cater to dogs with high energy and have a LOT of protein.  Leeloo has never been a bundle of energy, although she does still love to play.  She’s mostly a lounger, but she spends a lot of time strolling around the yard sniffing things at a leisurely pace.  She’s also getting older.

We tried Blue Buffalo in the Adult Large Breed variety several years ago because a representative was in the store (PetSmart) and was actually helpful and informative and not pushy.  We learned, for the first time, about LifeBits (this is now what we call her food- “Ready for your LifeBits, girl?”; we sound like nerds, I know).

To the point, now she eats the Senior variety for large breeds and still loves it.  We did the “filler” test on it long ago by getting the food wet to see if it expands (you don’t want that).  It doesn’t do anything.  It’s full of real, natural ingredients.  She loves it, it keeps her fit and at a weight the vet is very pleased with, and has the necessary vitamins and supplements for a dog of her age and that has had the surgeries she’s had.

We love Blue Buffalo because they’re a customer-centered company that undoubtedly loves animals and has their well-being as their first priority.  They’re extremely friendly on social media, they’re involved in pet charities, and aren’t afraid to take on the behemoth Nestle Purina brand.  You want some research, Purina?  We fed Leeloo Beneful when she was a young adult dog and she got fat and lethargic and threw up fairly often.  Now, with Blue Buffalo, she is- according to our veterinarian- one of the healthiest older dogs he’s seen!  She was able to eat her BB dog food very quickly after both of her surgeries and had very little complication from digestive issues like many animals do after a surgery.  Her teeth are beautiful!  And even though she isn’t (and never has been) a hyper dog, she’s still ready to play- because she has the energy from good nutrition.

How many recalls has Nestle had from using cheap fillers and by-products lately?  One is more than enough.  How many has Blue Buffalo had?  None.

Easiest decision ever, even if we weren’t already committed to buying products from the Blue Buffalo company.  No fillers, no weird stuff, no unapproved antibiotics from China.  Just food.  Just a happy dog.



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