I’ll be talking about lady issues, be forewarned.

Ladies, I salute you.

For twenty years, I have been on hormonal birth control to render my endometriomas feeble and weak.  They’ve mostly disappeared after years of this therapy, so I have discontinued it (much to the delight of one of my co-workers who desperately wants me to pro-create).  The LadyComp has pretty much indicated that I have not yet ovulated since stopping the pill, but that’s not abnormal.  Doctor C says it could be 2-3 months before I do.

However, the monthly visitor is back and boy is she out to prove herself.  I had forgotten the cramps, the cravings, the… yeah.  All that.  On the plus side, the Lexapro is keeping the anxiety and PMS symptoms to a minimum!  

Summer is a restful time for us this year.   Brooks is working on revisions of his first published novel (heretofore referred to as Tights) and working on his next one while he communicates with Random House and his editor and agent.  I’m “summering”.  I’m taking some time for myself.  I’m gardening, reading, hanging out with Brooks and talking/laughing/planning vacations, eating, cooking, shopping, SLEEPING, and enjoying being outside.  My Bible study is going well.  I’ve done it every single day and I’ve been really contemplating the questions it asks.  I like that it wants me to apply it to my own experience and my own beliefs.  I’ve been working out every day, just a little.  Lexapro makes me a little sleepy, but that feels so good to a person who’s been struggling with insomnia that I don’t even care.  

I was mildly paranoid (ok, I am never mildly paranoid) that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome until the doctor explained it thoroughly and I realized that waking up ready to face the day (as much as I ever have, considering I’m not a morning person) is not a hallmark of CFS.  Feel tired after a workout is normal.  I get it, doc.  He knows my relationship with Syndromes.  I fear them all, because they don’t have tests or cures or very good prognoses.  They’re mysterious and unknown and Lord knows- I HATE the unknown!  He reassured me that working out or cleaning house with CFS would render me completely exhausted and unable to function for a day or more afterward and that is definitely not the case.  Sorry, world.  I will try to stop co-opting problems I don’t actually have.  Praise God for a patient husband.  He knows what’s up with my ability to have every symptom and side effect in the universe.  And yet he soldiers on, ever loving!

Yesterday I went to a little pool-party get together with Heather and some other teacher friends and met a new co-worker- it was a lovely day and I fall more in love with the idea of having a pool every time I’m in one.

Today was this:



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