Today is my WP five-year anniversary.

In celebration, I have sorted my laundry room recycling and miscounted my pills.  I’m not sure if I took what I was supposed to take or not this morning.  What fun!  (It won’t hurt me either way- the only other thing I could have taken was a generic non-drowsy antihistamine that looks JUST LIKE LEXAPRO).

I’m guessing that because I have a mild case of OCD, my love of scheduling and routines and plans is unmistakably acute.

It is so acute, in fact, that I have been following quite a few calendars.  Now, I say mild case of OCD because although I really get off on the scheduling, I don’t beat myself up too much if I mess up.  That’s a thing I’m learning, though- to allow myself to not (want to) be perfect.

I’m following the springclean365 calendar, a fitness calendar, and of course my Cozi calendar for the everyday stuff and FlyLady missions.  I was thinking earlier… “Self, why don’t you let go of some of your other routines?”  I have a LOT of them.  I double-shave on Saturdays to really get it done.  I clean the house on Sundays.  I have a skincare regimen for morning and evening.  I have a laundry routine.  I have a monthly car maintenance routine.  And yes, these are planned to the exact day/hour/whatever is relevant.  So, “Ok!” I said to myself (I probably actually said it to myself, too).  And then I promptly decided to read my way through the Bible again.  I refuse to ascribe myself to a modern religious group.  I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe and that’s fine with me (and hopefully you).  I’m reading the NRSV because of its highly accurate and respected translation and because it encourages contemplation and includes a lot of things to ruminate on as well as essays and thoughts from respected scholars regarding the text.

That’s not the point.  The point is that I once again gave myself another routine!  Go me.  Way to break the habit.




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