Next time I’ll just scream the credits.

Imagine if you will- a cough.  An understatement of an action.  A complex group of actions disguised as one large, loud burst of air and sound.

Now imagine that you are me and your throat doesn’t get the message at the right time as your chest contracts to send the air rushing out of your mouth, so you just kind of yell really loudly.

Now imagine that you’re in a semi-crowded movie theater and there wasn’t much going on onscreen.

After my initial astonishment at being completely betrayed by my body’s coordination, Brooks and I laughed so hard we cried.

Quietly, of course.  Nobody wants to be those people in the theater and I think I already used up all my points when I yelled in the middle of the movie.

At least I was wearing a dress with this on it so nobody would mess with me:




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