The newest adventure.

I’m ditching hormonal birth control. I’m 36 years old and I’ve been taking it since I was 16 (in the beginning it was for endometriosis, but now it’s for many things!).

I’m using the Lady Comp fertility computer. Every morning, I take my temperature with its crazy-accurate thermometer. After a while, it can use the information to determine my fertile and non fertile times. It tells me with a little red or green light whether I’m in the safe zone or not. And of course if we were to try for procreation, it would work for that, too.

This is just another step in my mission to reclaim my body from what I call The Bad Influences. I’m absolutely thankful for the protection from certain types of cancer the birth control pill has provided (allegedly), but I’m done.

Granted, my panic attacks and anxiety are way too dangerous to go unmedicated at this point. However, neither I nor my doctor plan or wish for me to be medicated in the long term. I accept a Western medicine as useful, but I refuse to accept it as inevitable or as the only option.

I think my holistic doctor is going to be stoked! I’ve got all my metal fillings replaced, too.

Not to worry- this little computer has been tested and has a Pearl Index
the same as the pill. It’s 99.7% effective!



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