6000 Steps a Day

Last week, our 4-H agent brought my classes new pedometers (they’re all about the health, you know- we pledge our health to better living every time).  I got one, too, and I’ve been wearing it every day at school.  I put it on before I go out the door and then take it off when I get back home.  On a typical day at school, I’ve found I walk around 6,000-7,000 steps from 8:30-3:30, depending on what the kids are doing that day.  On days that need much more guidance or monitoring, it sometimes goes up to 9,000.  Of course, that doesn’t count any of the steps after I come home, change into clothes with no pockets (so I have to take off the pedometer), and proceed to do light cleaning, laundry, dinner, and work out.  Yikes.  I think I’ll try wearing it ALL DAY until bedtime (which means I need to find something to wear in the evening with pockets on it) and see what happens.

We also spent the week discussing my husband’s choices for a literary agent!  Yes, he is agented.  He is now with TriadaUS.  His agent is Uwe Stender.  I’m very proud of him, but not at all surprised.  He’s talented in more ways than is really natural.  This week was also his birthday (he got a magic set and a knitted Viking hat with an attached beard), so what a nice present!

This Week’s Book(s)

I’m done with Galateo!  You think I did something awesome, but that was a seriously short book.  I’m working on the yearbook and I’ve been battling all the myriad diseases the kids have been spreading around, so the reading-for-pleasure went to the wayside.  Sorry about that.  I DID read, though, so the objective was still met.

Last week’s subject was French literature.  Can I count Mastering the Art of French Cooking?  Ok, thanks.

This week’s subject is 14th century literature.  I totally want to to re-read The Canterbury Tales because I was required to read it in twelfth grade and ended up loving it.  Ms. Tilley let us in on all the dirty secrets and jokes and we were hooked.  I miss that woman.

Still working on:

People of the Weeping Eye (North America’s Forgotten Past)

This one’s tailored to what I want to read about-  ancient Mississippian culture.  The 13th century of North America sounded pretty interesting because we study the Mound Builders in 4th grade social studies.

I also wanted some fiction, so I went with

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (Signet Classics)

The tales of Robin Hood started popping up in the 13th century, so what better way to satisfy the topic?  And although I adore the Disney version, I am excited to read the more derring-do version originally created in the way-back-when.

This Week’s Movie

Confession:  I couldn’t order The Third Man on Amazon Prime because my debit card got marked for fraud (nothing happened, I think it was just because I shopped at Kroger or Target).  I now have no access to anything unless I use a check.  Which I think I have one of around here somewhere.

Picture of Something That Happened This Week


This needs no explanation.


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