Today my mind wants things to be bulleted.

So they are.

  • I am supplementing the whatsit out of myself in order to feel better.  It’s been one day, so I have nothing more to say about that at the moment.
  • It is hot as a mofo outside and very humid, which leads me to use phrases like “mofo”.  It also gives me a headache (and leads to more “mofo”ing).
  • I’m really fond of actors who are awesome in real life.  Who doesn’t love cool people? But it takes a special person to become famous and still be cool.  
  • You never know when someone is reaching out to you because they’re hurting.  There’s a good chance they’re not going to say, “I’m hurting, please help me.”
  • I hate watching relationships in transition to being… not relationships.  The people never communicate and they tend to try to back away without doing the hard part- being honest and just letting go.
  • I wake up every morning with fluid retention in my right hand.  It doesn’t hurt and it’s not swollen.  My body is a wonderland.
  • ONE AND A HALF DAYS LEFT of school (with kids).  Now to pack my room and move so I can teach 4th grade next year!

So, yes, headaches= bulleted lists of things that are barely newsworthy and/or interesting.  That said, I feel better for the brain dump and hey, you can pretend you didn’t read it if you feel really strongly about it.

But she will judge you:



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