What Have You Done?

The Daily Post today is about drafting a speech about the path of life for a speech at your high school alma mater.


First of all, my high school more than likely wouldn’t be interested.  I didn’t grow into the right religion, political party, or view of the world.

I’m proud of who I am.  I’m happy.  I’m happily married, I have great friends all across the country, I’m comfortable with myself and my beliefs, and I have spent enough time living to understand that you have to live your life in a way that makes sense to you and not (necessarily) for other people.  

Here, how’s this:

Things I’m Proud Of:

  • I’m a good cook and I enjoy it.
  • I’m a good teacher.
  • I’m a good wife and I try very hard to make sure we’re doing things to ensure we stay in it for the long haul.
  • I’m a good friend.  I listen and I’m sympathetic and I love people the way they are.
  • I’m a proud LGBT ally.
  • I’m a proud supporter of the real food movement and try to eat organic food as much as possible.  We no longer eat high fructose corn syrup at all and we’ve given up white flour and sugar as much as possible.  
  • I’m also not a pretentious ass about the above.  I cave in to the occasional soda or cookie.  It’s life, not a test.
  • I’ve defined my own belief system that feels right to me.  I have stopped caring if it feels right to other people.
  • I understand that people don’t have to like me.  I can expect them to treat me with respect, though, if I act in a way that warrants it.
  • I’m not afraid to ask for medication and/or help with my emotional issues.
  • I’m learning that sometimes things are not ideal and that’s okay.  You just continue to do what you know is right and the world and karma will take care of the rest.
  • I have believed in karma for a long time now and I’ve seen it work.  It scares me enough to make me protect my own as much as I can.
  • I try.  Every day.  Even on the days the medication doesn’t work.  I still try.
  • I can type without looking.  FEAR ME.

And that’s about it.  No flowery prose would sway my alma mater.  No testimony to a way of life would make a difference.  There’s a slim chance there would be a protest.  So I’m offering this.


Stuff and Sundry

  • Workout today was fine.  Squat cleans and sit-ups for the buttercups.  My barbell should be here tomorrow.
  • I have two early meetings this week and one long day with after-work stuff.  Thankfully I have less of a load during my actual days this week.  Also, I don’t even care about the morning stuff because it just means I can order a larger coffee without feeling guilty.
  • I’m restless.  

Stuff I Found on the Internet Being Lazy

  • Again, not a thing.  Haven’t been on the Internet much today unless you want to hear about the season finale of Shameless (you don’t, it’ll tear your heart out).

Today’s Pic

This chicken trying to be a seductress.  I cooked it anyway.




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