The Transporter

A lot of very cliched things take me back to childhood.

Bread baking.

The smell of cookies.


The sounds of a big rig engine (daddy drove an 18-wheeler most of my life).

However, one of the best memories I have is the summer I discovered music.  I’d enjoyed typical kids’ music up to that point, but the summer between my fourth and fifth grade year (which would have been 1988 or 1989), I discovered rock and roll.  Because my mom was a child of the 50’s and 60’s, most of what I listened to was what was called “oldies”.  I didn’t care that it was old and I didn’t care that my mom liked it.  We would paint our nails together and listen to the radio.

THE BEST song I heard that summer, in my ten-year-old mind, was this:

Del Shannon – Runaway

It spoke to me for whatever reason as I sat near the open aluminium window and waved my nails around with my mom as we planned what to do on Saturday.

When I hear it now, it feels like summer and an ease of life that only exists when you’re that young and that unaware of what else is out there.

Run, run, run, run-away!

Stuff and Sundry

  • Ain’t no exercise going on right now.  
  • Today was a rough day.  A stressful day.  I am tired emotionally and physically and I’m taking me time, as trite as that sounds.

Stuff I Found Being Lazy

Today’s Pic

I really liked this dress.  The purple did something magical with my unnaturally red hair.  Score.



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