Prized Possession

When I was a very little girl, around four or five years old, I had a birthday party.  There was a Strawberry Shortcake theme because it was the 80’s and ‘berry was the business back then.  I have fond memories of entertaining my family with the Peculiar Purple Pie Man’s signature moves and hey, I’ll do them for you today if you want me to.  I’m down.

At this shindig, I was gifted with a pink bicycle.  Not just any bike, a Strawberry Shortcake bike.  It had red and white streamers (way to clash, 80’s!), a pink basket on the front, and pink training wheels.  I wasn’t particularly married to pink as a color, mind you.  Like I said, this was the 80’s and I was sporting brown cords and an orange bandanna tied around my head hippie-chick style.  Pink wasn’t a big deal.  The big deal was Strawberry’s face plastered across everything- the seat, the frame, the pedals.  Everything.

I rode that bike for years.  I graduated from the training wheels.  I had a special game I’d play where I’d ride as fast as I could, then coast.  That wasn’t all, though- there was a story that went with it.  As I coasted, I would pretend I was a special character in a book.  I was a girl whose hair changed color with her moods and when I’d go really, really fast, I’d imagine my hair was FIERY red (I was still little-kid blonde at the time) and everyone would stare in awe as I whipped around super-fast and flashed my eyes at them.  The memory of that little jolt of otherworldly empowerment makes me think I already understood a lot of who I was, even at age eight.  I grew up to be someone who craves feeling empowered but also craves people looking at me and liking me even more.  I didn’t want to strike fear into my admirers, I wanted awe.  When I got a little older and my hair darkened, it turned a russet brown with auburn streaks, like my mom’s and my aunt’s.  It felt like wish fulfillment (not that I don’t employ the help of John Frieda now to make it as red as my mood dictates).

I don’t know where my bike is today.  There was a holiday tradition in my family of clearing out old things to give to Goodwill every year, so I hope some little kid got as much enjoyment out of it as I did.  I hope they sailed across the ground, head tilted back and hair whipping in the wind, and imagined.

Stuff and Sundry

  • Today’s crossfit workout went just fine, thanks.  It was called, “I didn’t like my shoulders, anyway”.  I’m already having trouble lifting my arms above my head and Brooks had to help me dress myself.  The good part, though, is that I pushed myself to finish and I did.
  • We’ve been on the DASH plan for two days.  The lack of bread for two weeks is daunting, but we’ve done okay.  Approaching it with the idea that it’s not some kind of test (“YOU ATE A KERNEL OF rice?  YOU FAIL!  GAME OVER!) helps a lot.  Doing it together helps a lot, too.  Tonight we had bean burgers and roasted carrots and snap peas.  I’m full.  Mission accomplished.
  • I have a new Gwynnie Bee dress that I want to wear, but it’s lace and I’m afraid it’s too dressy for school.  The shoes are going to make the difference, I guess, but my ankles are like sigil towers and I can never pick the right heels.  Maybe I’ll post pics  of it?

Stuff I Found Being Lazy

Josh Hutcherson Joins NOH8
(Peeta is awesome)

Sleeping At Last performs “Turning Page” Live
I am obsessed with this song, the fact that he’s adorable in a real way, and wearenotgoingtodiscusshowthissongisfromTwilight.  Nope.  He is AMAZING.  Leave it at that.

Muppets’ Jane Henson dies of cancer
I can only hope, as my husband said, that they’re together again.

Today’s Pic

Here, check out the other song I keep on repeat:


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