Potato soup and homemade bread.

I did go to the doctor, although I didn’t end up at my regular doctor’s office.  They hadn’t scraped or salted or done anything to their parking lot and we ended up treading very lightly into the local community clinic.  After a brief conversation, Brooks and I were both given Z-Paks and sent on our way.  Did I mention I gave my husband my illness?  Oh, yeah, well… um, I made him sick, too.  Of course, Brooks being Brooks, he took two antibiotics, started a raging fever that went on for about three hours (while he slept), and woke up almost completely better.  I’m better, but not like Wolverine over here with the superhealing.

Since I felt better yesterday and had some medicine coursing through my system, I set about making some comfort food.  I ended up finding an excellent potato soup recipe at How Sweet.  It’s incredible.  I didn’t even put bacon (we don’t eat it) in it and I had no chives, but the flavor of the soup without it was amazing.  This is thick soup.  I’m talking almost-mashed-potatoes-but-not-quite thick.  I made a full pot yesterday and it’s gone.  Goooooooone.  I also made two plain boules and they turned out very nicely.  It was exciting to throw the water in the stove even though it made Brooks think I had done something naughty.  Hee.

Tomorrow, we’re taking Brooks’s car in to be looked at and I need to replenish the kids’ treasure box, so I need to hit the dollar store.  Oh, the glamor.

Pics for your trouble:
Before the snow started, I actually made some good food- sauce and French bread.  They were fantastic.  The sauce is a modified Paula Deen recipe and the bread is just good old Mark Bittman.

I’ve always been more about the sauce than the pasta.

Brooks ended up living on some of this over the week.

The back yard.

Still the back.  You can’t even see the grape or raspberry plants next to the trellis.
The front walk/yard.  It’s a very pretty view if you’re not excising your lungs.

My kitschy little sign finally makes sense!

After the illness, I decided we needed some “real food”.  This was my “snack” and entertainment while I waited for…

The “real food” to cook.  Don’t you judge me, it’s BUNNIES.  That’s what I thought.  Just move along.

Signs of sickness.  Well, except the flashlight, that’s a sign of preparedness.  *gag*

Potato soup.  How can two little, unassuming words describe this?  They can’t.  They fail.  Yukon golds+cheese+milk+soup roux base= manna.

Boules.  I have big boules.  *dies*

The one on the right is not as perfect and he knows it.  It’s very sad, so we’re going to eat him.

Much love, hipsters!


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