Christmas in pictures:

Tomorrow I’ll be working on boxing (appropriate) and stuffing (my face with leftovers).  Christmas Eve, which is when we do our family thing, was great and everyone seemed to love the food and the revelry.

On the menu:  Turkey (“Michigander”, which makes for downright succulent turkey), baked mashed potatoes, baked macaroni & cheese, brussels sprouts, broccoli w/cashews, green beans with almonds, dressing (ick), homemade bread (woot!), and corn.  Plain old corn.  Hee.  Dessert was apple or peanut butter pie (my specialty). 

Brooks and I were excited to receive a Kinect, which we used to play Kinect Adventures.  It’s a workout, to be sure.  I’m sore today from the jumping, ducking, and sidestepping.

I have an amazing husband who understands me very well.  I was very excited that “Santa” brought me this:

Meet Ariadne the Kindle.

On Christmas Day, we continued our tradition of spending time with “just us” and we went to eat at Makino and saw True Grit (short review:  fan-flipping-tastic, and I say that with the ghost of my original-loving father staring down at me!).

On with the show:


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