The sweaters from… well, not a nice place.

First of all, last night we had to drop off our pal Gary Baker’s camera, so we headed to The Princess Theater (where we got married and also debuted Boys of Summerville to our home families) to check out the new Channel 15 facilities.  Channel 15 will be (is) our new local channel and the digs are awesome.

Brooks and Bill Landry discussing a new project.

An editing/production bay.

Now I’m just being a Heartland Series fan.
Bill Landry, Muse Watson (Mike Franks on NCIS, the hook-man on I Know What You Did Last Summer, and his new film is A Christmas Snow), and Brooks.  Muse is from around here and often comes back to support local arts.  He and Brooks get along famously (see what I did there? 🙂 )

Then, our friends Clay and Liz (who I love more all the time, thankyouverymuch, y’all know my friends are my family) hosted an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  It was a rousing success with lots of good food, games, laughter, stories, jokes, and Rock Band (well, for a while, anyway).

We got to meet Jay’s friend Amy (beautiful, smart, funny) and David’s girlfriend Melissa (beautiful, smart, funny) who is working on her Master’s in Geology.  Fun, sweet, smart girls all around (including Liz, of course, but I already know her).

The food was an entertaining assortment of cheese and crackers, deer jerky, chips, snack mix, butternut squash soup (yum), hot chocolate, and molten chocolate cakes.  David is quite a cook- he did the soup and the cakes and it was om nom good.

Prize winners after the pics:

 And the winners were…

Third:  Brooks

Second:  Liz

First:  David (he sure earned it; everybody called him Sgt. Pepper all night!)

Our lovely hosts had prizes for all of us.  I got a natty mug with “Peace” written on it and Brooks got a cool disc flyer/shooter.

Can’t wait for the next shindig!


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